Upcoming Events

Annual UUCE Events

Annual Congregational Meetings (following Sunday Worship Service):

  • May – Annual Meeting (Budget & Elections)

Monthly Board Meetings

Second Thursday of every month, 6:00-8:00 pm in UUCE Board Room.

UUCE Fundraiser Events

  • COOKIE WALK & RAFFLE: Saturday in December
  • UUCE SERVICE AUCTION: Saturday in February
  • YARD SALE: Saturday in June
  • COMMON GROUND FAIR: Friday-Sunday in September

Quarterly Plate Splitslast Sunday of each month

  • 1st quarter: neighbor4neighbor
  • 2nd quarter: A Family for ME 
  • 3rd quarter: Mano en Mano (Hand in Hand)
  • 4th quarter: Next Step Domestic Violence Project

Stewardship Campaign

  • Stewardship Sunday: March 
  • Stewardship Campaign: March–May 

Please check our HOME page and CALENDAR page for
specifics about upcoming events.