sara 4 cropped 2014

“Days pass and the years vanish and we walk sightless among miracles.”

These words, the first line from a beloved Jewish Prayer book,
are words I’ve hung onto for years now,
words I say with some regularity,
quietly to myself in times of struggle or fear;
they’re words of prayer that help ground me,
that help call me back to a more steady sense
of faith and trust when I need that.

– Rev. Sara Huisjen

This Sunday:

Apr 19, “Painting God by Numbers”, Jim Fisher, UUCE Member

The debate between spirituality and religion, the former often making light of the latter, misses the prescriptive nature of both. Should we social creatures seek an escape from our paint-by-number theology to achieve a deeper sense of unity with spirit, or should we team up to create a world in our likeness?

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