Celebrating the sacred,
we gather in loving community
to nourish souls
and live justice into the world.



 Sunday, October 7: Unable to Exhale Fully

Rev. Erika Hewitt, Midcoast UU, Fellowship, Worship Leader 
Kay Wilkins, Worship Associate 

First Sunday Potluck Following Worship! 

While our UU tradition is (usually) a source of freedom and empowerment for women, girls and women in our wider culture experience what Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie calls the “catastrophic consequences of likeability.” How do we teach our children—of all genders—what it means to be female? 

Sunday, October 14: Wrestling for the Blessing

Rev. Andrew Moeller, UUS Bangor, Worship Leader 

In the challenge of living our lives we are often confronted with our own imperfection. What do we do with this knowledge and how can we use it to become effective as imperfect people? 

Sunday, October 21: Sabbatical Sermon

Rev. Sara Hayman, Worship Leader 
Amy Fiorilli, Worship Associate 

New Member Recognition Ceremony! 

Drawing for World Wide Dinner Raffle
Congregational Meeting Following Worship! 

We celebrate as Rev. Sara returns to the pulpit after her six-month sabbatical! She will share with us some of the insights gained from her pilgrimage, studies, and contemplation during her time away. 


Sunday, October 28: Poetry Service

Amy Fiorilli, Worship Leader
Bob Dickens, Worship Associate  

Silent Joys & Sorrows, Plate Split Sunday 

[A UUCE retreat and service will also be held at Ferry Beach this weekend.] 


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