Let me tell you why I come to church

Let me tell you why I come to church.
I come to church — and would whether I was a preacher or not —
because I fall below my own standards and need to be constantly brought back to them.
I am afraid of becoming selfish and indulgent,
and my church — my church of the free spirit — brings me back to what I want to be.
I could easily despair; doubt and dismay could overwhelm me.
My church renews my courage and my hope.
It is not enough that I should think about the world and its problems at the level of a newspaper report or magazine discussion. It could too soon become too low a level.
I must have my conscience sharpened – sharpened until it goads me to the most thorough and responsible thinking of which I am capable.
I must feel again the love I owe to others.
I must not only hear about it but feel it. In church, I do.
I am brought toward my best, in every way toward my best.

– A. Powell Davies, minister of All Souls Church, Unitarian
in Washington, D.C. from 1943 to his death in 1957.

This Sunday:

Sun, May 31, “Our Spiritual Pilgrimage to New Orleans,” UU Youth & Rev. Sara Huisjen

Over the April vacation week, Rev. Sara traveled with twelve UU youth, including Iris Aripotch, to New Orleans and volunteered with the Center for Ethical Living and Social Justice Renewal.  Come hear what this Service Project and Spiritual Pilgrimage meant to them!

This is a Plate Split Sunday – Our offering will be shared with a local charity.

ANNUAL PARISH MEETING – Vote on FY 2015-16 budget and elect Board members.