Celebrating the sacred,
we gather in loving community
to nourish souls
and live justice into the world.



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This month’s worship theme is Trust.

Sunday, February 3: Imbolc, the Shadow and the In-Between
Charles Betancourt & Anne Ossanna, Worship Leaders
Carol Rosinski, Worship Associate

Imbolc, the midway point between winter and spring, is a time to come together as a community and call the light of spring into our congregation. Come and join us as we examine the cycle of the “Wheel of the Year” and shine light onto the shadow of our sorrows. As the wheel turns into the new light of spirit, we ready ourselves to do battle with the shadows within and open ourselves to the light of the congregation. Children 8 years and older are invited to remain in the sanctuary for this service. 

1st Sunday Potluck! 

Sunday, February 10: What is Grace to a Unitarian Universalist?
Rev. Charles Stephens, Worship Leader 

In our journey through life we meet opportunities and challenges. Come and explore the wisdom of an ancient story to learn from distant cultures and generations past. Is meeting the dragon opportunity or challenge? What do we bring home with us after we have met what awaits us? 

Sunday, February 17: Tiny, Beautiful Things
Rev. Sara Hayman, Worship Leader 

We are encouraged to believe that grand gestures of love and caring are the things that build trust in us, but more and more we know that’s not so. Instead, it’s small things we experience that build our capacity to trust others. How willing and practiced are you at trusting others and helping others to trust you? How are vulnerability and courage a part of trust-building and why does it matter in our lives? 

UUCE Choir Practice! Winter Parish Meeting Following Worship.

Sunday, February 24: Trust Across Religions
Amy Fiorilli, Intern Minister & Worship Leader 

Join our Intern Minister Amy Fiorilli as she explores how the concept of trust is used and felt across different world religions. In exploring the different manifestations of trust, we naturally ask ourselves, “What does trust mean in our Unitarian Universalist Faith?” Leading us ultimately to wondering, “What does trust mean in our own lives and how is it calling us to be in the world?” Come and be welcome. 

UUCE Choir Sings!
Newcomer Luncheon in Board Room After Worship.



For information, contact Haydée Foreman, choir director, at haydeeforeman@gmail.com or 207-266-3872.

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