Celebrating the sacred,
we gather in loving community
to nourish souls
and live justice into the world.



Sunday, May 6 We Care, We Share, We Thrive! Intern Minister Amy Fiorilli 

First Sunday Potluck! Pledging after the Service 

There are so many ways in which we are stronger together. How we choose to share our gifts and the grace with which we offer our treasure is part of what enriches our lives as individuals and as a community. There are wisdom and spiritual lessons available even in the most material of events. A stewardship campaign is both about strengthening and securing our financial foundation and about the incredible beauty with which we care for each other, this building, and our little plot of land. Come hear music and words meant to inspire and nourish our hearts and minds. 

Sunday, May 13 The Conversation Rev. Deane Perkins, UU Belfast 

Special Music! Stewardship Campaign Wrap-Up—Stay for Lunch! Sally Gervais, Worship Associate 

What really matters in our lives? At the deepest level of our human-ness, what are we? Unconditional love is at the core of these questions. 

Sunday, May 20 Worship Led By Rev. Jodi Hayashida, UU Auburn 

Annual Congregational Meeting after the Service 

Sunday, May 27 Worship Led By Carol Rosinski and the Plate Split with Maine Mobile Health North Ellsworth Small Group Ministry 

A Worship Change 

In May we will hold spoken joys & sorrows on all but the last Sunday, 
with silent thoughts on that day. 


Photo Highlights from Last Month

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For information, contact Haydée Foreman, choir director, at haydeeforeman@gmail.com or 207-266-3872.


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