Love is the spirit of this church
and service is its law.
This is our great covenant:
to dwell together in peace,
to seek the truth in love,
and to help one another.


– James Vila Blake (1842–1925),
American Unitarian minister



APRIL WORSHIP SERVICES: This month’s worship theme is Transformation.

Sunday, April 2 “…then you become real” Rev. Sara Hayman, Worship Leader, Nathalie Arruda, Worship Associate 1 st Sunday Potluck after Worship!  
This month’s worship theme is TRANSFORMATION. Our worship service today will explore the transformative power of love in our lives. What does love require of us if we’re to truly live it out in our relationships with each other? How is sorrow and a willingness to be vulnerable a part of deeply loving another? Why does that matter?
Sunday, April 9 The First Principle of Unitarian Universalism Anne Funderburk, Worship Leader UUCE Choir Sings! Stewardship Gathering from 12-1 pm!
The First Principle of our Unitarian Universalist faith is: We covenant to affirm and promote the inherent dignity and worth of every human being. This lay-led worship service will explore what this means and call us to this spiritual practice.
Sunday, April 16 Easter Sunday: Out of the earth, out of the spirit… Rev. Sara Hayman, Worship Leader UUCE Choir Sings! Eileen Brennan, Worship Associate
Easter is a beloved holiday and holy day to many that celebrates the rising again of light and life through the experience of suffering and death. This Easter Sunday we’ll revisit a portion of the ancient story told of Jesus’s life, death and resurrection as we make time and space to celebrate the sanctity of life and living.
Sunday, April 23 “I’m Still Here…” Rev. Sara Hayman, Worship Leader Stewardship Gathering from 12-1 pm! Robin Lovrien, Worship Associate Monthly Guatemala Meeting at 3:30 pm in Belfast!
All our lives, we grow and change and still, a portion of who we are in our depths remains. Spiritual and personal growth calls us to reflect on our lives, to heal old wounds and work humbly with others to become our more authentic selves, more rooted in compassion and generosity, too. How do we do that and why does it matter?
Sunday, April 30 Yes! Ministerial Intern Lane Fisher, Worship Leader
Brother David Steindl-Rast writes that “yes is my favorite synonym for God.” This Sunday, ministerial intern Lane will explore relationships among joy, affirmation, and gratitude and the transformative power of saying, “Yes!”

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