Celebrating the sacred,
we gather in loving community
to nourish souls
and live justice into the world.


WORSHIP SERVICES: This month’s worship theme is Intention

Sunday, January 7:  What It Means to Be a Welcoming Congregation 

Nathalie Arruda & the UUCE Renewal Task Force
Potluck Following Worship

This service will explore the meaning of being a Welcoming Congregation. From the story of how UUCE became the first church in Maine to be certified as welcoming, to why we are going through this process again in 2018. How are we welcoming to all people? How do we demonstrate that? Do our language and actions show that we are inclusive of all, including folks who are transgender or non-gender-binary? Are there barriers preventing anyone from participating? Please join us as we kick off this new year by examining how we can live our UU faith by deliberately being inclusive and welcoming as a congregation.

Sunday, January 14: Intention and Attention

Rev. Sara Hayman, Worship Leader
Congregational Conversation in Sanctuary Following Worship! 
Mid-Maine YoUUth Monthly Meeting in Belfast at 2:30 p.m.! 

Coming from the Latin word, intentionem, intention literally means a stretching out, a stretching out of mind, of heart, of body, of spirit. When we set an intention, we are turning our attention toward something, or someone, or some idea, and stretching out to meet it. To what worthy thing are you purposefully turning your attention? 

Sunday, January 21: MLK Sunday: What they dreamed be ours to do. . . 

Rev. Sara Hayman, Worship Leader
Bob Dickens & Bill Clark, Worship Associates 
Winter Parish Meeting Following Worship! 

On this Sunday, we will honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., by wrestling with what our faithful responsibilities are when it comes to being active participants in building Beloved Community. 

Sunday, January 28: Setting Our Sails. . . 

Evelyn Foster & UUCE Tuesday Morning Writing Group Members

In a new year, we are mindful to set our sails and chart a course that lines up with our best intentions. UUCE’s very own Tuesday morning writing group will lead this service and offer a few words about hope with regard to what happens when the wind changes and the seas in our life get rough.


Photo Highlights from Last Month

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January 7

Early Elementary Class will explore Intention with Jody Murphy; Coming of Age class with Anne will begin preparations for our first overnight (mandatory meeting); Potluck Sunday. 

January 14

Early Elementary Class will explore Intention with Cecily Judd; Coming of Age class with Anne to finalize preparations for our first overnight and prepare for Children’s Chapel (mandatory meeting). 

January 19-20: Coming of Age

Coming of Age class arrives at UUCE at Friday, 5:00 p.m. for dinner, community building, and sleepover with Anne and chaperone Susan Brenner. 

Coming of Age class with mentors workshop Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to noon. 

January 21

Exploring Intention with Anne Ossanna. 

January 28

Children’s Chapel in the RE Wing after Time for All Ages.



For information, contact Haydée Foreman, choir director, at haydeeforeman@gmail.com or 207-266-3872.




Our Place in the Web of Life: An Introduction to Environmental Justice

Sara Hayman, our minister, and Martha Dickinson, of the Peace and Social Action Committee, are offering a five-session course on Our Place in the Web of Life this coming January and February.  We hope The Web of Life will educate and inspire some of you who want to become more involved as a congregation in working on problems around our climate and economic justice.
The excellent materials for this course are provided by the UU Ministry for Earth and have been used with great success by other congregations in recent years. Participants are invited to look deeply at the consequences of their actions on people and the environment – close at home and then further away in communities across the nation and world.  Through film, music, participatory research, visual mapping, ethical reflection, meditation and ritual, participants wrestle with what it means to be faithfully and justly part of an inter-connected community of life.

The curriculum provides an excellent platform and preparation for Green Sanctuary action planning. 

We propose that this class meet Tuesdays, January 9, 16, 30, February 20, and 27, from 1 to 3 pm at UUCE.  (The gaps in the schedule are partly to allow time for research and partly to fit Sara’s schedule.)
Please let us know as soon as you can if you are interested, by phoning or emailing Martha (marthad@gwi.net or 667-5863).  We’d like a minimum of eight people to commit to the class by Wednesday, December 27, in order for the class to work.
For more information, see https://uuministryforearth.org/EJ-Curriculum


Re-inhabiting Body and Soul: Finding the Center in a World of Distraction

Wednesday evening community gathering and class with Paul Weiss at the UU Church in Ellsworth, 6:00-8:30 pm. In a world that often seems designed to distract us from the nature of our deeper human potential and our capacity for spiritual transformation–and makes it easy for us to dis-inhabit both our bodies and our souls–these Wednesday classes resume our open community “sangha” of people gathering together weekly to communicate and to explore the nature of what we truly are.

Every evening is open to all, but we hope you’ll become part of a committed core that will bring nourishment to yourself and support to others. No charge, but a suggested weekly donation, according to ability, is $5-$25.



Solar Energy

The solar panels on the roof at UUCE are up and running, feeding into the electrical grid. Sundog Solar got them up and running sooner than expected. We can all watch the performance of the solar panels at:

That page shows the energy generated each day and the power being generated at the moment, as well as a few other goodies.

Thank you to everyone for making this wish a reality!
Martha Dickinson