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A message from our minister, Rev. Sara Huisjen

All of our lives, we live in need of each other, and in need of ‘deepening places,’ too, relationships and communities where we feel seen and affirmed, loved and challenged, called to grow and become our better selves, more honest, generous and caring people.

All of our lives, we live with a sense of longing to belong somewhere, to be a part of some thing, some movement and purpose larger than ourselves alone.

At church, we aspire to create that kind of community.
At church, we aim to reach out to each other in love and receive in gratitude.
At church, we choose to show up, to be and become a part of building a vibrant
community and spiritual home; a place in our lives where we can bring our whole selves,
where we’re asked to listen with an open heart and be willing to be changed.
Church is a place where we can come together to grow our souls,
to feel our spirit enlivened with a sense of reverence and awe,
to literally be able to remember – to piece back together again –
our minds and hearts, and know we are connected, and dependent on each other,
and a part of some larger, magnificent whole.

We welcome you to explore ways you might choose to be
a part of creating & nurturing this vibrant church community I am grown by and love.

This Sunday: 

Nov 2, “Tis a Gift to be Simple”, Rev, Sara Huisjen

How is feeling grateful and cultivating more of a sense of gratitude in our lives effected by the things we acquire and have? If gratitude (at least in part) has to do with “the practice of knowing we have enough,” what, then, is enough? And how much of what stuff is enough? This sermon and service will explore these questions and consider how living more simply, in more mindful ways might help each of us nurture more of a capacity to experience gratitude in our lives.

Our monthly, first Sunday, potluck lunch will follow the service. All are welcome.

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