of Ellsworth

Celebrating the sacred, we gather in loving community to nourish souls and live justice into the world.


-To listen more deeply and intentionally to others.

“There is a quality of listening that is possible among a circle of human beings, who by their attentiveness to one another create a space in which each person is able to give voice to the truth of his or her life. There is the miracle of authentic narrative, made possible by  listening that holds still long enough to let our truth be told.”
– Rebecca Palmer

-To listen to our deepest selves.

“So what do we do in a circle of trust? We speak our own truth; we listen receptively to the truth of others; we ask each other honest, open questions instead of giving counsel; and we offer each other the healing and empowering gifts of silence and laughter… Our purpose is not to teach anyone anything but to give the inner teacher a chance to teach us.”
– Parker Palmer

Once a month, at various times, six groups of 8-10 people gather together to share thoughts and stories related to our monthly themes. If you are interested in finding a group, or want to know more, contact one of the SGM leaders. We would love to have you join us!

Christine Bowman, Coordinator; Kay Hansen, Anne Ossanna, Carol Rosinski, Evelyn Foster, Mickey
Worth, Haydée Foreman, David Dietrich