Love is the spirit of this church, and service is its law; this is our great covenant:
to dwell together in peace, to seek the truth in love, and to help one another.


We are a liberal religious community that affirms the worth and dignity of ALL its people. As a congregation, we aspire to create more love and justice in our lives, the larger Ellsworth community, and the world.

 We covenant as a loving community to:

… Be kind in word, tone, and deed;
… Communicate directly, and with honesty and thoughtfulness;
… Value a diversity of perspectives;
… Assume the best intentions in one another;
… Respectfully speak up when hurt and listen when we cause hurt; 
… When conflict arises, work constructively toward healing and forgiveness.

Celebrating the sacred, we gather in loving community to nourish souls and live justice into the world.

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Ellsworth

approved, by congregational vote, an 8th UU Principle!

UUCE stands firmly united in the quest to end systemic racism!



All are welcome to come and be a part of this ½ hour weekly, contemplative gathering. With music, poetry, readings, silence and space for people to share their wisdom, we companion each other with love and gratitude into the day. Come, be nourished in this loving circle on Wednesdays, from 8 – 8:30 am.

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Meeting ID: 966 6960 7701
Phone:  646-876-9923


Rev. Sara Hayman has been affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ellsworth since 2007 while she was serving as a hospice chaplain in Hancock County.  “As an affiliated community minister, I was connected to this congregation, but my ministry was focused on the larger community as a hospice chaplain”, she explains. In August of 2011, she transitioned into parish ministry and began serving our congregation as its part-time minister and, then in 2015, became our full-time minister. 

Since joining UUCE as our full time minister, Rev. Sara shares that has enjoyed being a part of a religious community of people who witness to each other’s lives: to the sorrows and joys, to the questioning and searching for meaning, and, finally, to the insight and wisdom about those things most important in our lives — love, compassion and kindness.

She is glad to be part of a congregation that wants all children to grow up surrounded by adults who celebrate them exactly as they are, and encourage them to be curious explorers of their worlds, and to articulate what they believe.

Rev. Sara believes that it is important that the UU Church of Ellsworth is a welcoming congregation. This means that people of any sexual orientation or gender identity are welcome. This is important in a world that often discriminates against and dismisses people who are different. In her own words, “I am proud to be part of a faith tradition, Unitarian Universalism, that stands on the side of love and acts on behalf of justice, equality, and care and compassion for all”.

Peace and Social Action Ministry (PASA)

Our PASA Ministry’s mission is to coordinate and support the congregation in its efforts to advocate, educate, organize, serve, and witness for peace and social justice and to establish our church as a beacon for social action in our community.

Our PASA Ministry recommends these upcoming events. Click here for more information.


UU Church of Ellsworth, UU Church of Belfast,
and UU Church of Castine

This series takes place on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, from 4-5:30 pm via Zoom.

Rev. Sara Hayman, Rev. Amy Fiorilli, Rev. Margaret Beckman, and Collaborative Intern Minister Vanessa Williams take turns facilitating this monthly conversation about racism and doing our work regarding decolonization and being anti-racist activists.

Each session will include a presentation of some sort (a video clip, case study, or reading) followed by conversation, deep listening, and engagement with each other. 

These conversations are open to the members and friends of our three congregations.

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Meeting ID: 469 537 6814

Phone: 646-558-8656


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During the week, engage on a deeper level with your spiritual self. 
Take a look at the monthly Soul Matters curriculum.
You can do the suggested exercises and/or enjoy the readings.

The Gift of Pluralism (May 2024) The Gift of Renewal (June 2024)

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