This month's worship theme is Curiosity.


Sunday, May 5 Celebrating the Sacred
Rev. Sara Hayman, Worship Leader
Karen Volckhausen, Worship Associate

UUQ Sings! First Sunday Potluck! UUCE Spring Clean-Up! 

During this month, we’ll explore the Soul Matters theme of Curiosity in our worship services. This Sunday, we’ll consider these questions: Where in your life do you see or feel in touch with the sacred? What is sacred to you? UUCE is a faith community that names the explicit intention to “celebrate the sacred” as part of our mission statement. What does this mean and ask of us as faithful people? How and why might this matter?

Spring Cleanup


Sunday, May 12 “Thank You for Asking Me that Question”
Amy Fiorilli, Worship Leader
Charles Betancourt, Worship Associate
Hungry Sunday, Mother’s Day, Budget Hearing after Worship 

American comedian, Gracie Allen said, “Never place a period where God has placed a comma.” In a universe that is still unfolding, still evolving, still growing, still becoming, curiosity is an essential spiritual quality.    
Come to church for a deep dive into how curiosity, creativity and emotional exploration can heal, challenge and rejuvenate a community and a cause. How is curiosity itself a holy form of ministry?
 As Amy delivers her next to last service as our intern minister, she explores how curiosity changes lives and outcomes while tying together some of her experiences from the early days of joining UUCE over 5 years ago. 
Come and know you are welcome. . 

Sunday, May 19 I do not know exactly what a prayer is…
Rev. Sara Hayman, Worship Leader
Robin Lovrien, Worship Associate

UUCE Annual Meeting After Worship in Sanctuary!

How do Unitarian Universalists pray? What does prayer mean to you? In this service, we’ll be curious about what prayer is as a meaningful and grounding spiritual practice for some.

Sunday, May 26 Understanding Moral Injury
Rev. Sara Hayman, Worship Leader
Bob Dickens, Worship Associate

Spiritual Video & Discussion Group After Worship! 

On this Sunday before Memorial Day, we will explore what “moral injuries” are and how they adversely affect active duty soldiers, veterans, their families, community and society. How might our UU congregations more intentionally help companion and support veterans who are struggling?

Sara Hayman

Reverend Sara Hayman has been affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ellsworth since 2007. Our UUCE congregation ordained her in January of 2008 as a community minister serving as hospice chaplain with Hancock County. In August of 2011, Hayman transitioned into parish ministry and began serving UUCE as its part-time and later full-time contract minister. In January of 2015, UUCE voted unanimously to invite her to serve as our congregation’s called minister.