UUCE COVID-19 Response

With the support of the Board, Rev. Sara Hayman pulled together a taskforce to support her and the congregation in responding to the threat posed by COVID-19. The taskforce first met on March 14, 2020, and decided to suspend all in-person gatherings at the church for one month, to be re-evaluated and extended as deemed necessary. We held our first all-Zoom worship service on March 15, and are actively developing “Caring Circles” through and beyond our Small Group Ministry program to make sure everyone is connected and cared for.

As a congregation, we encourage everyone to practice physical distancing and to avoid shopping if you are in any way at greater risk or displaying symptoms.

If you are sick or displaying symptoms, please contact your doctor or a healthcare facility for medical advice.

If you need non-medical support, please contact Rev. Sara Hayman, your small group covener, or a member of the COVID-19 taskforce, and we will see how the congregation may better support you.

RE Director Anne Osanna is developing at-home RE modules and emailing them out to our families.

For up-to-date information about Coronavirus/COVID-19, please visit the Maine and National Centers for Disease Control websites:

Maine CDC


The UUA is providing valuable resources to us at this time, with guidance on how to adapt and to continue to be the church in this time of great uncertainty. Some of their resources may be helpful to you as well.

Here are some other websites that may help you with personal and spiritual resiliency:

NewStories – Pandemic Resource Center

Spiritual Practices for the Coronavirus Pandemic

Harvard Medical School – Coping with Coronavirus Anxiety

OnBeing – A Listening Care Package for Uncertain Times

Get support, provide aid: Mainers Together

And of course, remember to wash your hands.