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April 1, 2018: Wait with Me, Rev. Sara Hayman

EASTER READINGS & REFLECTIONS    Molly Housh Gordon is a Unitarian Universalist minister who serves our UU Church of Columbus, Missouri. This past week, while preparing for this service, I came across a reading she’s written in three parts—three poems, actually, that invite us to imagine what it was like at three particular moments in […]

Oct 4, “Sail Away”, Ashley Bryan, Guest Worship Leader

Beloved American writer, children book illustrator and poet Ashley Bryan will lead worship with us this morning, sharing his vibrant presence and spirit. Ashley recently illustrated a book of Langston Hughes poetry. During this service, he’ll share some from that book. Ashley Bryan makes his home here in Maine on Little Cranberry Island.

Aug 30, “How & Why Our Church Matters”, Rev. Sara Hayman

Once a year, Rev. Sara answers your questions in lieu of preparing a formal sermon. This year, on this Sunday, she’ll do it again, only this time she asks you to send in the question you’d like her to address related to “why our church matters.” Questions can be sent via snail mail (121 Bucksport […]

Aug 23, “Seeing Clearly”, Rev. Mark Worth

The Noble Eightfold Path is one of the principle teachings of Buddhism, and it begins with “Right View,” seeing clearly and understanding life, nature, and the world as they really are for us.  Seeing clearly is the first step toward wisdom and happiness. Rev. J. Mark Worth has served Unitarian Universalist churches in Maine and […]

Aug 16, “For with joy shall you go out”, Rabbi Darah Lerner

“The ability to be joyous, by discerning the good and joyous within every experience, is considered by some as a biblical command!” -Baal Shem Tov This Sunday, Rabbi Darah Lerner will share her reflections about joy, what it is and asks of us, from her faith tradition. Rabbi Darah Lerner is the rabbi of congregation Beth […]

Aug 9, “The Great Turning”, Verne McArthur

The Great Turning: the adventure of sustainable living  –  Along with the challenges of climate change comes a unique opportunity—and powerful momentum— for an exciting turn toward a more sustainable and humane way of life on planet earth.  Come join with Verne McArthur in this interactive service exploring how we can participate in the “turning” […]

All that we have ever loved and          all that we have ever been Stands with us on the brink of all          that we aspire to create: A deeper peace, a larger love,          a more embracing hope, A deeper joy in this life we share. – Leslie Takahashi from Rev. Erika Hewitt, 7/26/15 […]