The sermons page is one of our best kept secrets. For newcomers, especially, it is a great way to get a feel for who we are and what we think about. For UUCE members it’s a place to find a reading that struck a chord, or reflect on a meaningful sermon. If you’ve missed a Sunday you can sometimes catch up on what you missed. Not all sermons are posted, but we make an effort to post as many as we can. Click on a link, curl up with a cup of tea, and have a read or listen.

Sunday, January 6, 2019, “In the Space Between Before and After”, Rev. Sara Hayman

When things in our lives are difficult, how do we help ourselves to see through to what may still be possible? How do we get better at responding verses reacting to challenges? How do we broaden our perspective and stay more open to possibilities? Drawing wisdom from the Buddhist practice of mindfulness, in this service we’ll explore these question and how we might be able to embrace new possibilities in our lives. 

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Sermon, April 15, 2018: “Saying Goodbye to Make Room for a New Hello”, Rev. Sara Hayman

There’s a story that been living with me as I’ve prepared for this Sunday.
It’s a story about a little boy living in a village.
Every day he goes out into the woods and forest.
His parents worry about him – there’s danger out there,
thieves, possibly; something could happen?
“Why do you go?” his father asked.  “To find God.”
“Don’t you know God is everywhere the same – here, in you, in me,
in the temple and at home; you don’t have to go to the woods
to find God.  God is everywhere the same.” “Yes, father,
I know that, but I am not everywhere the same.”

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April 1, 2018: Wait with Me, Rev. Sara Hayman


Molly Housh Gordon is a Unitarian Universalist minister who serves our UU Church of Columbus, Missouri. This past week, while preparing for this service, I came across a reading she’s written in three parts—three poems, actually, that invite us to imagine what it was like at three particular moments in Jesus’ ministry among us, near the end of his life. She calls these poems “At the Gate,”  “At the Cross,” and “At the Tomb.”

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Sermon, Mar 16, 2014: “There is Only the Whole”, Rev. Sara Hayman

In his book One Story, One Song, Ojibway writer & story-teller Richard Wagamese suggests that humility is “the foundation of everything,” and that nothing can exist without it.  Humility, in his estimation, is the ability to see ourselves as an essential part of something larger. How, I wonder, is cultivating an authentic sense humility a part of our spiritual growth & understanding?  Rev. Sara Hayman

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Sermon: Feb 9, 2014, “Transitions”, Dr. Wayne Smith

Our church historian, Dr. Wayne Smith, shares his knowledge of UUCE history from its founding in 1835 threw its re-establishment in 1865, focusing attention on key individuals and events.  If this sounds dull, you’ll be surprised: along the way we encounter intrigues, protests, love letters, women’s suffrage, the wealthy, the poor.  We could make a miniseries out of it!  Don’t miss Episode I of “Transitions: Follow the Money, Follow the Blood”!

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Sermon, Feb 2, 2014, “We are here to learn…”, Rev. Sara Hayman

Wisdom is something we can hope to gain and grow within us throughout our lifetime.  Choosing how we will respond to adversity is a part of what’s required of as we aspire to become wiser, more compassionate people.  How do you persist in love when times are hard? What wisdom about life & living guides the way you make decisions?

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Sermon, Jan 5, 2014: “It’s Not the Critic who Counts”, Rev. Sara Hayman

In her book, Daring Greatly, sociologist Brene Brown suggests that being vulnerable, taking risks and daring to be our most authentic selves is part of what helps create a sense of purpose and meaning in our lives. On this first Sunday in the New Year, we’ll consider what this kind of courage looks like and how it calls us to act with integrity and compassion in the world.

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Sermon, Nov 24, 2013: “What Do We Mean When We Separate Church & State?”, Robert Shetterly

Robert Shetterly is an artist and resident of Brooksville, ME. Well known for his portrait series, Americans Who Tell The Truth, Mr. Shetterly presented an alternative view on “separation of church and state” when he spoke at UUCE.

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11.24.13 Separation of Church & State – Robert Shetterly


Sermon, Sep. 15, 2013: The Doctrine of Christian Discovery

Mr. Dieffenbacher-Krall spoke on the origins of the Doctrine of Discovery, and how these doctrines affect Indigenous Peoples, especially those in Maine. Because the Doctrine of Discovery has become embedded in United States law through various Supreme Court rulings, non-Native citizens of the United States are also affected, whether they are aware of it or not.

Mr. Dieffenbacher-Krall is a lay leader in the Episcopal Diocese of Maine. His work with the Wabanaki Tribes within the State of Maine and the support of the Episcopal Diocese of Maine Committee on Indian Relations enabled him to convince the Maine Diocese to repudiate this pernicious doctrine.

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09.15.13 DoD sermon – John Dieffenbacher-Krall

Sermon, Feb 24, 2013: Spiritual but not Religious, Rev. Mark Worth

A growing number of Americans answer “None” when asked about their religious affiliation. Many say the are “spiritual, but not religious.” Spirituality is often understood as something we express individually, while religion is something we express in community. What does it mean to be “spiritual, but not religious?”

Rev. Mark Worth has been full time minister of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Castine since 2006. From 1991 to 2006 he was 3/4-time at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ellsworth, and 1/4-time in Castine. He has announced that he will retire from the Castine church on April 30. Mark and his wife Michelle (“Mickey”) live in Penobscot.

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02.24.13 Spiritual But Not Religious – Mark Worth

Sermon, Feb. 3, 2013: Global Warming-A Key Moral Issue of Our Time

On this date, Interfaith Power & Light ( a nation-wide “preach-in” on global warming in which UUCE had an opportunity to join with 1400 other faith groups to call for bold moves on climate.

Participants were Dan Huisjen, Board Member of Maine Interfaith Power & Light, Pam Person, member of U. S. League of Women Voters Climate Change Task Force, and Karen Wigglesworth, UUCE Worship Associate.

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2.3.13 Global Warming

Sermon, Jan 20, 2013: We Are Tied Together

On the occasion of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we celebrate his legacy as a great & courageous Civil Rights leader by thinking about we’re called to do, in our continuing efforts to dedicate ourselves to, what he called, “the long and bitter—but beautiful—struggle for a new world.”

Rev. Sara Hayman

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1.20.13 MLK Sunday


Sermon, June 17, 2012: Light of the World

On this Sunday, just a few days before the Summer Solstice, we will celebrate the longest days by naming our thanks for the light’s return, and consider together how we share our own light in this world.

Rev. Sara Hayman

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6.17.12 Light of the world


Sermon, May 20, 2012: Living in Community

Our Unitarian Universalist faith tradition readily honors the worth & dignity of every person. The individual’s search for truth and meaning is nurtured and encouraged in our congregations, too. But what of community & striving together is honored & esteemed in our tradition? What’s the glue that binds us together in this congregation? This service & sermon will explore these questions and share a few insights about nurturing community from our history.

Rev. Sara Hayman

5.20.12 Living in Community


Sermon, May 13, 2012: “Hey, Momma. . . .”

On this Mother’s Day Sunday, the service & sermon will explore and honor the phenomenon of mothering. What does it take to nurture and encourage others (and ourselves) into a sense of strength & beauty? Who does this, and how?

Rev. Sara Hayman

The reading this day was The Lanyard by Billy Collins

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5.13.12 Hey, Momma


Easter Sermon, Apr. 8, 2012: The Promise of Resurrection in our Lives

On this Easter Sunday, in most Christian churches around the world, people celebrate the bodily resurrection of Jesus as Christ. How do we, 21st century Unitarian Universalists, enter into this story? Where does resurrection happen in our lives & the world?

Rev. Sara Hayman

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Sermon, Feb. 12, 2012: Love Will Guide Us

In I Corinthians 13:13 it written, And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. On this Sunday before Valentine’s Day, we will consider together what love truly is and how we are called to live our lives guided by it.

Rev. Sara Hayman

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2.12.12.Love Will Guide Us

Sermon, Jan. 1, 2012: The Beginning Is Now. . .

On this first day of the new year, this service and sermon will invite folks to consider what seeds they wish to plant in themselves to nurture health, growth and spiritual awakening in this present moment.

Rev. Sara Hayman

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1.1.12.The beginning is now.UUCE


Sermon, June 19, 2011: Make of yourself a light

This meditation on the Buddha’s last instruction to his disciples, to make of themselves a light, invites us to think about what it takes to nurture our own spirit and to feel alive and awake in this world.

Although delivered a year ago (on the Sunday that the congregation chose Rev. Sara to serve as our minister) the webmaster has chosen to list it out of order because it is not to be missed.

Rev. Sara Hayman

6.19.11 Make of yourself a Light

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