Feb 23, “Laugh ‘til You Cry”, Rev. Nancee Campbell

Historically, UU’s have been the subject of jokes, but there is a vast difference in intent as to whether those jokes were mean-spirited or helpful toward us. In this service we will examine the jokes we tell about ourselves and the ones others tell about us.

Rev. Nancee Campbell is a fifth generation Unitarian Universalist who grew up among the potato fields of Aroostook County. She worked as the Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator for the state of Maine prior to attending Starr King School for the Ministry in Berkeley, California. After graduating from seminary, she served churches on Cape Cod, in Rockland, Maine and Stockton, California. Since retiring from parish ministry, she has worked as a hospital chaplain in Augusta and as an advocate for elderly and disabled citizens in central Maine. You can also find her preaching and teaching at Ferry Beach in the summer.