20151025 UUCE Adds Two Ministers Emeriti

Oct 25, 2015: Sermon: “Guiding Us Upon Our Way” by Rev. Sara Huisjen

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the incorporation of our church in 1865 in Ellsworth. Over the years, we have been blessed by the leadership and service of many ministers.  During this worship service, we will revisit some of that history, and we’ll celebrate two beloved former ministers, the Rev. Mark Worth and the Rev. Charles Stephens, by honoring them as Minister Emeritus of our congregation. With Bob Dickens, Worship Associate, and special music by Heidi Powell & Richard Hsu. This is a Plate-Split Sunday – half of the offering will go to a local charity.

A special reception will follow worship to celebrate Rev. Charles Stephens and Rev. Mark Worth becoming Minister Emeritus of UUCE!

Sermon, Feb 24, 2013: Spiritual but not Religious, Rev. Mark Worth

A growing number of Americans answer “None” when asked about their religious affiliation. Many say the are “spiritual, but not religious.” Spirituality is often understood as something we express individually, while religion is something we express in community. What does it mean to be “spiritual, but not religious?”

Rev. Mark Worth has been full time minister of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Castine since 2006. From 1991 to 2006 he was 3/4-time at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ellsworth, and 1/4-time in Castine. He has announced that he will retire from the Castine church on April 30. Mark and his wife Michelle (“Mickey”) live in Penobscot.

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02.24.13 Spiritual But Not Religious – Mark Worth