April 1, 2018: Wait with Me, Rev. Sara Hayman


Molly Housh Gordon is a Unitarian Universalist minister who serves our UU Church of Columbus, Missouri. This past week, while preparing for this service, I came across a reading she’s written in three parts—three poems, actually, that invite us to imagine what it was like at three particular moments in Jesus’ ministry among us, near the end of his life. She calls these poems “At the Gate,”  “At the Cross,” and “At the Tomb.”

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Aug 30, “How & Why Our Church Matters”, Rev. Sara Hayman

Once a year, Rev. Sara answers your questions in lieu of preparing a formal sermon. This year, on this Sunday, she’ll do it again, only this time she asks you to send in the question you’d like her to address related to “why our church matters.” Questions can be sent via snail mail (121 Bucksport Road, Ellsworth, ME 04605) or email (sara@uuellsworth.org) to be received by Tuesday, August 25th.

Aug 23, “Seeing Clearly”, Rev. Mark Worth

The Noble Eightfold Path is one of the principle teachings of Buddhism, and it begins with “Right View,” seeing clearly and understanding life, nature, and the world as they really are for us.  Seeing clearly is the first step toward wisdom and happiness.

Rev. J. Mark Worth has served Unitarian Universalist churches in Maine and Massachusetts since 1991, including serving our congregation 1991-2006.

Aug 16, “For with joy shall you go out”, Rabbi Darah Lerner

“The ability to be joyous, by discerning the good and joyous within every experience, is considered by some as a biblical command!” -Baal Shem Tov

This Sunday, Rabbi Darah Lerner will share her reflections about joy, what it is and asks of us, from her faith tradition. Rabbi Darah Lerner is the rabbi of congregation Beth El in Bangor Maine. She is a second career rabbi having worked in small business management and technology transfer companies before entering the rabbinate. Rabbi Lerner teaches widely on Jewish ideas, values and diverse ethical issues.  She served on the Board of RCAD, the Religious Coalition Against Discrimination.

Aug 9, “The Great Turning”, Verne McArthur

The Great Turning: the adventure of sustainable living  –  Along with the challenges of climate change comes a unique opportunity—and powerful momentum— for an exciting turn toward a more sustainable and humane way of life on planet earth.  Come join with Verne McArthur in this interactive service exploring how we can participate in the “turning” and live our best values.  

All that we have ever loved and
         all that we have ever been
Stands with us on the brink of all
         that we aspire to create:
A deeper peace, a larger love,
         a more embracing hope,
A deeper joy in this life we share.

– Leslie Takahashi from Rev. Erika Hewitt, 7/26/15 worship service

Aug 2, “Bringing Joy to the Roots”, Rev. Sara Hayman

In his book The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran suggests this: “When you are sorrowful, look again in your heart and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.”
What is the relationship between sorrow & joy? How is joy rooted inside of you? How do you nurture such joy? With music and singing, this service will explore these questions.

Special music provided by Heidi Powell and Richard Hsu.

SWIMMING & PICNIC at Lamoine Beach with Rev. Sara and your UUCE friends! Leave together from UUCE or meet at Lamoine Beach at 1 pm. Bring your lunch, your bathing suit, games to play on the lawn and plan to enjoy this beautiful beach with picnic tables, grills and convenient, very nearby parking. Families and all generations of people are welcome! For more information, contact Rev. Sara at sara@uuellsworth.org or 667-4393.

Jul 26, “Shake it Off”, Rev. Erika Hewitt

How do we let go of what no longer serves us, or what gets in the way of our wholeness and well-being? When something or someone in our life isn’t serving us, how do we hold on to ourselves, and our relationships without going crazy?

Rev. Erika Hewitt divides her ministry between the Midcoast UU Fellowship in Damariscotta; the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Worship Web (uua.org/worship), and a whole lotta beautiful Maine weddings.

Please join us for SWIMMING & PICNIC at Lamoine Beach! Bring your lunch/food to share, swinsuit and a towel, lawn chair and lawn games. Grill & charcoal provided. Good parking and public restrooms. Families & all generations of people are welcome! 1 pm.

Starting Jun 11: “Art from the Heart. . . for the Soul”

Amy Thompson is offering “Art from the Heart. . . for the Soul”, a six week Expressive Arts series which begins Thursday June 11, 5:30 –8:00.
We all have the innate ability to be creative and discover new pathways to our soul…
Expressive Arts is the integration of art making, journaling, movement and sound in the service of personal expression, self-awareness, healing and fun.
It requires no recognizable artistic talent or previous experience…
But draws upon a curiosity and willingness to explore personal growth in a new way.
Each session will introduce a theme and/or creative process for inspiration.
We will discover insights gained through our image making, writing, self-expression, sharing and silent witnessing.
Opening to our creativity offers an opportunity to look at our lives from a new perspective and to explore our spiritual path.
Come discover the power of your creativity in a safe, supportive circle.
Please call 469-3645 or email amygthompson@msn.com for more info or to register.
The six session series is $150…all art materials provided.
Stop by the “Expressive Arts” table after the service this Sunday to glimpse what it is all about.